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Friday, 24 January 2014 09:53

Streamline Your Productivity with Trello and Simplify Your Life!

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trelloTrello is the one and only tool I absolutely can not live, work or function without it in my life since I started useing it several years ago. And the most incredible thing is that it is absolutely FREE!!! Yep, that's right I said free, always has been and always will be. 

So you may be asking "What is Trello?" and Why should I use it?

Well if you have ever had to work with others on a project, simply put, it will bring instant clarity to the project for everyone involoved. But it's not just a business project management tool. Over the years I found it to be very useful for organizing pretty much anything in my life, from a family vacation or a home improvement project to a simple to do list or shopping list that i need to share with my wife. I have found Trello to be invaluable in my day to day business communications and in my everyday life and if you give it a try I can almost guarantee you will come to value it as much as I do too!


Another great thing about trello is that it can be used anywhere, in a browser on my computer, in an app using a mobile device like an Android or iphone. But team projects are where Trello really shines. Trello Improves communication, eliminates email traffic, and will get everyone on the same page—fast. And it’s so easy to learn!

Watch the video below to see the possiblites Trello can offer you, your business, your life and everyone in it.

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