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trelloTrello is the one and only tool I absolutely can not live, work or function without it in my life since I started useing it several years ago. And the most incredible thing is that it is absolutely FREE!!! Yep, that's right I said free, always has been and always will be. 

So you may be asking "What is Trello?" and Why should I use it?

Well if you have ever had to work with others on a project, simply put, it will bring instant clarity to the project for everyone involoved. But it's not just a business project management tool. Over the years I found it to be very useful for organizing pretty much anything in my life, from a family vacation or a home improvement project to a simple to do list or shopping list that i need to share with my wife. I have found Trello to be invaluable in my day to day business communications and in my everyday life and if you give it a try I can almost guarantee you will come to value it as much as I do too!


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