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Friday, 11 April 2014 00:00

The Heartbleed Vulnerability

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heartbleeding bugWe want to assure you that the security of our customers is always a top priority. We began addressing the Heartbleed vulnerability issue immediately upon disclosure and have successfully applied patches to all of our platforms. The likelihood that private information was compromised is very minimal due to the lack of a public exploit at the time of the disclosure. We will continue to work to protect the security of our customers and their data.


Some things you can do to help increase security posture and protect against risk to Heartbleed on your own accord:

  • Change passwords to key online sites you may access: Online banking, trading, etc. (Just as a precaution)
  • Do NOT ignore Security Warnings from your internet browser when attempting to connect to Secure (HTTPS) websites.
  • Only visit trusted websites or sites you feel may not be at risk.
  • If you regularly access a Secure Site which is part of your daily activity, contact a company representative and inquire if they have secured their systems?
  • Just be aware of the websites you're accessing, the emails you're reading, links your clicking on, and take further precaution.
  • Be alert for any Identity fraud possibilities with any of your accounts.

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